Set Policies

  • Health and Safety First

    Establish public health-, safety- and welfare-driven decision-making processes specifically in regards to transportation.

  • Define Priorities

    Institute planning, zoning, engineering, design, enforcement and maintenance processes that place pedestrians 1st, bicyclists 2nd, transit riders 3rd, and motorists last.

  • Plan for Everyone

    Create a multi-disciplinary public/private committee so that all viewpoints and user needs are addressed in transportation projects.

Recommendations for Pontiac

  • Community First Streets Policy
  • Sidewalk Audit
  • Sidewalk Gap Prioritization Methodology
  • Better Coordination with County on Animal Control
  • Priority Snow Clearance Policy
  • Site Plan Approval Checklist
  • Focused Enforcement
  • Expanded Bike Parking Program
  • Enhance and Promote Issue Reporting Tool
  • Local Direct Road Funding Mechanism
  • Transit Stop Facility Audit
  • Transit System Analysis

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