Oakland University was awarded a grant though the Centers for Disease Control to support public health efforts that reduce chronic diseases, promote healthier lifestyles, address health disparities and control health care spending. Non-motorized transportation plays a large roll in active lifestyles, which address many of the goals of the grant. Working in the City of Pontiac, the objective is to create a Non-Motorized Master Plan for the City that consists of identifying existing and potential non-motorized pathways, roadways for on-road bike lanes and sidewalk improvements, pedestrian/bicycle friendly wayfinding signage, and ways to provide future connectivity to parks, schools, downtown, commercial centers and other key destinations determined by the community. Planning for the Non-motorized Master Plan began Fall 2015 and extends to Summer 2016. Technical Assistance is provided by The Greenway Collaborative, Inc.

Pontiac Complete Streets Kick-off Meeting in Downtown Pontiac