• Online

    Provide a hyper-local, web-based, one-stop shop for people who walk, bike and ride transit that provides information on active living, safety, routes, events and projects.

  • On The Ground

    Utilize on-the-ground wayfinding and messaging, paired with information and support hubs to help people who walk, bike and ride transit find appropriate routes and resources.

  • Through Events and Programs

    Special events provide an engaging way to discover something new and celebrate community accomplishments, as well as establish a high-profile means to raise awareness of critical issues. Ongoing programs provide a necessary support network to sustain positive change.

Recommendations For Pontiac

  • Grand Opening Events
  • Community Outreach Coordination with New Facilities
  • Community Fun Runs, Walks and Rides
  • Wellness Focused Commuter Challenge Program
  • Safe Routes to School Program
  • Walking Group Initiation and Support
  • Walk Bike Information Hubs
  • Walk Bike Information Website
  • Establish a Transformation Brand
  • Mayor’s Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets
  • Active Transportation Events Calendar

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