Time to Get Moving! Use the Links Below to Help you Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

1. Pick a Plan


Complete a 1 mile walk
2X a week


Complete a 1.5 mile walk
3X a week


Complete a 2 mile walk
5X a week


In addition to your walking, you need to have 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity 3 or 4 times a week, such as a run or bike ride:     Recommended Running Routes 

2. Choose a Park:

3. Go for a Walk!

How Fast should I walk?
Go at your own pace. Start walking at a comfortable speed, and take breaks when needed.  Everyone is at different levels, so pick a starting point that works best for you. Work your way up to walking a mile in 15 minutes.  Once you are able to do that then try out a longer distance.

Take it one step at a time
Keep in mind that your time may fluctuate depending on the weather or how you are feeling that day. Don’t let a decrease in time or distance discourage you. Walking a short distance is better than not walking at all. Every bit helps.

Keep track of your walks
To stay on track, you should set goals and keep track of your progress. There are plenty of free walking apps out there that will track the time, distance, speed, etc. for you. We have also provided a free printable Track My Walks page to keep track of your activity.

Don’t forget to support all that fitness with healthy eating habits!