Frankenmuth Complete Streets Plan

Adopted 2017

Frankenmuth Complete Streets Plan presents a vision on how to transform it’s streets into outstanding public spaces that all users can safely enjoy. Unlike a traditional planning document, the Frankenmuth Complete Streets Plan is a dynamic website that allows everyone full access to the plan. Click on the links below to navigate to different sections of the plan or visit the Downloads page for a listing of all project materials.

  • Policy

    Policies set the stage for a change in the built environment. Recommendations include Complete Street and Vision Zero Resolution, Site Plan Approval Checklist, Snow Clearance, Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Maintenance, Speed Management, Bike Parking, ADA Transition Plan, Event Parking and Wayfinding System. Go to Policies Page.

  • Build

    Physical changes to establish a safe and connected multi-modal network. Includes recommendations for Nice and Easy Bikeways, Bikeways with Traffic, Road Crossings, Speed Management, Main Street Alternatives, Priority Network and Order of Magnitude Cost Estimates.  Go to Build Page.

  • Promote

    Promotional efforts are necessary to realize the potential of improvements. Recommendations include New Facility Events and Information, Safe Routes to School, Pedestrian and Bicycle Wayfinding System, Bike Share System. Go to Promotion Page.

  • Evaluate

    Evaluation is key to determine if resources were well spent and are achieving the desired effect. Recommendations include Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts, Yearly Crash Analysis, Community Recognition Awards, and Online Dashboard. Go to Evaluate Page.

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