The following dashboard provides a snapshot of the current bicycling and walking environment in Frankenmuth. Inventory and analysis data developed for the Complete Streets Frankenmuth Plan is included as well. Please note that these maps show potential opportunities and are not recommendations.

Existing Bikeways
There are 2.1 miles of existing bike lanes/paved shoulders, 0.4 miles of shared lane markings and 0.9 miles of pathways

Cass River is a major barrier that segments the community in two, with only two points of crossing with in the City.

 Regional Connections
Hager Line Trail, Southern Links Trail, Trolley Line Trail, US Bike Route 20 and the future Iron Belle Trail

Road Crossing Difficulty
There are 7 signalized marked crosswalks, 9 unsignalized marked crosswalks in the City of Frankenmuth.

Opportunities for Medians
This analysis identifies potential for medians on existing 3 lane roads, and roads that have potential to be 3 lanes.

Sidewalk Inventory
Most of the roadways within the City have a sidewalk on one side or both sides of the road.

Major Pedestrian Circulation Routes
Poor connection exist between major tourist destinations south of the river.

 Popular Walking/Running Routes
Major Streets are popular walking/running routes.

FMwscore-18Somewhat Walkable
Some errands can be accomplished on foot.

PedCrashIconPedestrian Crashes
18 pedestrian crashes were report between 2004-2015

Commuters who Walk to Work
In the City of Frankenmuth 0 – 9% of the population walk to work

 Popular Bicycle Routes
A lot of bicycle activity along the major roads and some neighborhood roads

Bicycle Crashes
7 bicycle crashes were reported between 2004-2015

Potential Bikeways on Major Roads
There are opportunities to add bikeways to major roadways within the existing curbs

Potential Neighborhood Routes
There are opportunities to provide a low-stress, family-friendly walking and bicycling network across the city

Commuters that Bike to Work
Less than 1% of the population bikes to work in the City of Frankenmuth

Fatal Traffic Accidents
1 fatal traffic accident reported between 2004-2015 in the City of Frankenmuth

Households without Vehicles
Over 14% of households do not have a vehicle in Frankenmuth