The following dashboard provides a snapshot of the current bicycling and walking environment in Your Town.

 WalkscoreAAYour Town is a Car-Dependent city
Most errands require a car

 TransitscoreAA Your Town has some Transit
A few nearby public transportation options available.

  BikescoreAA Your Town is Very Bikeable
Biking is convenient for most trips

 Popular Walking/Running Routes
Major Streets and existing trails are popular walking/running routes.

 Popular Bicycle Routes
Streets with bike lanes and existing trails are popular bicycle routes

Safe Routes to School
Clague Middle School and Thrurston Elementary School were both awarded SRTS grants

Commuters who Walk and Bike to Work
Around 30% of commuters in Zip Code 48104 walk or bike to work

Commuters who Take Public Transit to Work
Around 9% of commuters in Zip Code 48104 take public transit to work.

Complete Street Policies
Your Town adopted a Complete Streets resolution in 2011

Households without vehicles
12% of households have no vehicles

Bicycle Crashes
63 bicycle crashes where reported in 2013

PedCrashIconPedestrian Crashes
49 pedestrian crashes were report in 2013

Community Recognition