Rouge Super Path

Key Elements

The Super Path is a physically separated on-road pathway that allows bicycles and pedestrians to move in both directions on one side of the road.

Many of the roads in Rouge Park are wider than they need to be and have a lot of extra, unused pavement. By re-configuring the existing roadway, there is plenty of room to maintain the two-lane cross section and provide a separated area for the Super Path.

The proposed Super Path would be a 3.4 mile loop around Rouge Park following portions of Spinoza Drive, Tireman Avenue, Outer Drive W, and Rouge Park Drive. The pathway should be located on the interior side of the loop to avoid conflicts with entry roads.

Flexible bollards may be used to protect the Super Path from the adjacent travel lane and prevent motor vehicles from entering the Super Path.

Temporary planters should be placed between the Super Path and adjacent motor vehicle lanes to provide extra separation and protection.  In the future, this area should be converted to landscape medians to provide a permanent buffer and reduce the amount of paved surfaces in the park.

Orientation Kiosk provide important wayfinding information and maps to help someone navigate around the park. Orientation Kiosks should be provided throughout the park at entry points and intersections.

The only road that the Super Path would cross is Joy Road.  The intersection should be improved to  increase the visibility between people using the Super Path and motorists. Pavement markings, signs and green paint help to mitigate the risk of “left or right-hook” crashes with turning motorists and prevent motorists from accidentally driving down the Super Path.

In areas where parking is required, such as Cozy Corner,  it should be provided within the existing roadway between the Super Path and motor vehicles lanes. Providing on-street parking will eliminate the need to build new parking lots, thus preserving the existing greenspace of the park.

To improve safety and security, emergency call boxes with security cameras should be located around the park.  The boxes are activated by pushing a call button and then the caller is connected directly to the police radio network.

There may be potential for a future trail connection between the Super Path and Hines Park Trail utilizing some existing pathways and new connections.

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