The following dashboard provides a snapshot of the current bicycling and walking environment in Detroit.

 Site Features
Rouge Park has a lot of existing features, including, natural trails, walking path, mountain bike trail and Brennan Pool.

 Detroit is a Somewhat Walkable
Some errands can be accomplished on foot

 Popular Walking/Running Routes
Downtown and existing trails are popular walking/running routes.

 Commuters who Walk to Work
In the City of Detroit 0 – 51% of the population walk to work

 Detroit is Bikeable
Some bike infrastructure.

 Popular Bicycle Routes
Streets with bike lanes and existing trails are popular bicycle routes

 Commuters who Bike to Work
In the City of Detroit 0 – 24% of the population bike to work

Traffic Volume
Roads with low traffic volumes tend to be more comfortable routes for people who bike and walk.

Commuters who Take Public Transit to Work
In the City of Detroit 0 – 75% of the population takes public transit to work.

Bicycle Crashes
129 bicycle crashes where reported in 2014

PedCrashIconPedestrian Crashes
501 pedestrian crashes were report in 2014

Fatal Traffic Accidents
946 fatal traffic accidents reported between 2004 and 2013 in the City of Detroit

Households without vehicles
25.2% of households have no vehicles

Complete Street Policies
Detroit Non-Motorized Urban Transportation Plan was adopted in 2008.

Safe Routes to School
Numerous schools were awarded SRTS grants

Racial Diversity
Each dot represents a person residing in the United States at the location they were counted during the 2010 Census.