Bikeways and Trails in Grand Rapids

Nice & Easy Bikeways

Family-friendly bike routes that utilize local roads.  Some routes may include wayfinding signs, pavement markings or traffic calming features.  These routes tend to provide a shadow system to the major roadways and connections to community destinations.

Bikeways with Traffic

Generally, a designated section of the roadway for bicycle travel.  They may be identified through pavement markings, signage, bollards, curbs or other physical barriers. Examples include: bike lanes, shared lane markings, and protected bike lanes/cycle tracks.

Trails and Pathways

These tend to be the most desired bikeway, as no motor vehicles are allowed. Bicycles usually share the space with other non-motorized users, such as pedestrians, rollerbladers and horseback riders. Many times trails occur along abandoned railroad corridors, rivers and other open space areas.

Safety Tip: Bicycling on Sidewalks

In general, it is safer to ride your bike on the street, such as in a bike lane, because that is where motorists are most likely to see you. However, if you have to ride on the sidewalk or feel more comfortable there, below are a few tips to increase your safety.

  • Ride slow and yield to pedestrians
  • Alert pedestrians of your presence with bells or a friendly ” passing on your left”
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic so you will be visible to motorists
  • Watch for cars pulling out of driveways and intersecting streets when when riding on a sidewalk